Magic Tecnica: G3 Model New 2008 M.S.R.P $399.95+S&H

The myth of M1 Model won high praise when it was released first as part of the Magic Karaoke Microphone series.  Now we have recreated a more refined, and upgraded design with more features, the Magic Tecnica Generation 3 Karaoke Microphone.  G3 is equipped with all the features of M1 & MVK model combined, and also has added the features of supporting multiple media formats.  

Now, users have the ability to bring their favorite media to any party or even to convert their favorite CD+G karaoke files to AVI format and download them to the G3 Microphone.  These new added features have made G3 a true portable multimedia karaoke microphone.

With G3 capability, users no longer have to wait for their favorite songs to come out on the song chip.  Now users have the freedom to customize their own song list by uploading them to the G3 microphone directly via Magic Tecnica song list update page.

In order to achieve a crystal clear sound quality, Magic Tecnica has implemented the High Definition Audio Chip Set for the G3 Microphone.  Such technology allows sound output to mimic a Concert Hall effect.  Now anyone can be a super star while performing with the G3 Microphone.

Each G3 microphone has 1 Gigabyte built-in internal memory which can hold a maximum of 8,000 songs with indexing system.  Knowing the fact that AVI and other video formats might require more memory space, each G3 microphone has 4 open chip slots with the capability of accommodating additional memory chip.  These features make the G3 expandability limitless.

Product Highlights:

  • 1 Gig of Internal Memory
  • Magic Tecnica High Definition Audio Chip Set
  • Full Motion Video
  • Intelligent Scoring System: iFUN
  • MIDI with Vocal Support
  • Multiple Audio / Video Support (MIDI, MP3, MP4, WMA, AVI & JPG)
  • High Capacity Memory Chip
  • Download Song(s):
    • Open Format: KAR, OKF, TVS
    • Other Format: DAT & IDX
  • Record your own singing
  • Firmware Upgradeable

Standard Equipments:

Intelligent Scoring System: iFUN

For the first time, Magic Tecnica offers a training aid feature in the singing technique, iFUN.  In many cases, users may not know if their singing falls in the correct key, iFUN takes the guessing out of the equation by providing users with visual guidance.  iFUN is also an intelligent scoring system that keeps tracks of users’ performance on each song. 

Customize your karaoke experience!
Now, user can customize song collections by downloading free song packs.  Song packs are divided by languages.  Through Song Easy Loader software, user can download song packs to the G3 microphone with ease.

With all these features, G3 Karaoke Microphone truly outperforms other karaoke microphones in term of portability, quality, expandability and ease of use.


Magic Tecnica-SongEasyLoader


SongEasyLoader Tutorial Section


SongEasyLoader, a download software that allows user to download and customize song list.

A USB cable is included for connectivity.

PC CD-Rom Software and PC driver are included to download and create customized song list.

Screen Shot Gallery

Song Selection Screen with
alphabetical song sorting.
Midi with Vocal Support
(Enable or Disable) function.
iFUN with visual guidance.

G3 demonstrating the music quality and vocal support along with the iFUN feature.

G3 demonstrating CD+G Converted AVI Sample Clip with amazing MP3 quality.